• Battery Disposal

    Battery Disposal

    We manage the safe and environmental disposal of batteries and replacement UPS batteries in line with the Harzardous Waste Regulations.

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  • Batteries

    Battery Monitoring

    The Battery Monitoring system from Kohler Uninterruptible Power is the most advanced product on the market today, providing an ethernet-network integrated battery monitoring and management system.

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  • Battery Replacement

    Battery Replacement & Upgrade

    We supply and fit batteries of all types into all models of UPS and secure power systems. Kohler Uninterruptible Power also offers a battery replacement programme for a wide range of battery supported products.

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  • Impedance Testing

    Impedance Testing

    Almost any battery problem will lead to an increase in internal impedance. Recorded at regular intervals, impedance testing will track battery condition and enable accurate end-of-working-life prediction for individual cells, so batteries can be replaced before they cause a critical power protection failure.

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  • Load Bank Testing

    Load Bank Testing

    Kohler Uninterruptible Power offers a comprehensive Load Bank Testing service in order to simulate the client’s load and prove the integrity of the overall system.

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